DC12V Transformer for LED Lighting Strips.

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We wanted to make sure our great customers who purchase our incredible LED house accent light strips, had the correct transformers and plug connectors; so we have added both to our product line.

Please use these links :

This is the transformer page (*the part that plugs into the outlet, and on the other end, plugs into the connector plug that attaches to the 2 bare wires at the end of the light strips).

For: The connector (*the piece that attaches to the 2 wires at the end of each strip, and plugs into the transformer--you need 1 connector for each transformer) go here:

For:  The LED light strips go here:

How many transformers do you need to power your light strips?  Well, that depends on 2 things: 1)  How many separate (*separate' means that you have put them where the ends of the strips do NOT touch) places on your home do you want them?  You need 1 transformer, and 1 connector plug for each location.  2) How many light strips have you connected end-to-end?  For 1 or 2 strips, the 3 Amp transformer is fine.  For 3 or 4 strips, you should get the 5 Amp; and 5 strips or more, you'll want the 6 Amp.

We hope this makes your lighting experience as great as it can be!  When you light them up, could you send us a snap shot?

Item Type: Lighting Transformers
Output Signal: DC12V 3A / 5A / 6A 
Certification: CCC,RoHS,ce
Features: Energy Saving
Plug Type: US
Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Output Voltage: DC12V
Weight: 0.15kg
Model Number: DC12V Adapter
Input Signal: 50/60Hz
Feature: power supply for LED strip
Function: 12v adapter
Function 1: power supply 12v 3, 5 or 6 Amp
Function 2: led power connector
Function 3 : power supply unit 12V 5a
Keyword 1: transformer for LED strip


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!